A Woman’s World

The basic task of management, Peter Drucker once wrote, is “to make people capable of joint performance.” Now, a report published in the journal Science has provided some interesting insights into how to do that more effectively. The study, titled “Evidence for a Collective Intelligence Factor in the Performance of Human Groups,” shows that teams […]

Of Pyramids and Pancakes

At last week’s Global Drucker Forum in Vienna, Josephine Green – formerly the senior director of Trends and Strategy at Philips Design and currently a consultant at Beyond 20– argued that we are witnessing the “death of hierarchy.” The worldview reflected by the classic, Industrial Age, hierarchical pyramid with power concentrated at the top, according […]

North Korea: ‘A Transnational Task’

Following North Korea’s artillery attack on South Korea, the United States quickly vowed a “measured and unified” response with major world powers, including China. The message from the U.S. was, perhaps, a sign of the times. “We live in a networked world,” Anne-Marie Slaughter wrote last year in Foreign Affairs. “War is networked,” she continued. […]

Leading Without Walls

The Drucker Institute recently underwent a renovation to improve storage for the archives and to create a more functional work space for our growing staff. A partnership with Herman Miller — built on the friendship between Peter Drucker and former Herman Miller CEO Max DePree — provided the Institute an opportunity to examine our individual […]

Divided We Stand?

With a divided government now in Washington, it is going to take a blending of ideas from the Left and the Right to move policy forward over the next two years. Whether this can happen politically remains to be seen, but from a management standpoint, opposing perspectives offer potential for progress. Peter Drucker found inspiration […]

If the Shoe Doesn’t Fit . . .

Sunday’s New York Times contained a profile of Twitter co-founder Evan Williams under the intriguing headline “Why Twitter’s C.E.O. Demoted Himself.” Peter Drucker, for one, would have understood exactly why. The piece sprang off last month’s news that Williams was stepping down as the company’s chief and would hand the reins to Dick Costolo, who […]

“Chile! Chile! Chile!”

Friends in Japan tell us that when the 33 Chilean miners were rescued last week, broadcaster NHK reported on its nighttime news that the foreman, Luis Urzúa, must have been a Peter Drucker fan because of the strength of his leadership during crisis. Actually, we aren’t really sure that Urzúa has read any Drucker. It […]