Your Not-to-Do List

If you’re like most people, you’re working on a list of resolutions for 2011: Eat healthy. Go to the gym more. Read the classics. But Peter Drucker would have likely asked you for a different kind of list: What are you going to stop doing? As we’ve noted before, Drucker believed that “planned abandonment” is […]

New from the Institute: Converting Knowledge into Action, cont’d

Last week the Drucker Institute hosted the Drucker Innovation Forum, an intimate, cross-industry, cross-sector gathering of leading managers of innovation. Our aim was to inspire each of the two-dozen participants to implement one new management tool, approach, or practice at his or her home organization. Regular readers of the Dx will notice a theme here: […]

Divided We Stand?

With a divided government now in Washington, it is going to take a blending of ideas from the Left and the Right to move policy forward over the next two years. Whether this can happen politically remains to be seen, but from a management standpoint, opposing perspectives offer potential for progress. Peter Drucker found inspiration […]

If the Shoe Doesn’t Fit . . .

Sunday’s New York Times contained a profile of Twitter co-founder Evan Williams under the intriguing headline “Why Twitter’s C.E.O. Demoted Himself.” Peter Drucker, for one, would have understood exactly why. The piece sprang off last month’s news that Williams was stepping down as the company’s chief and would hand the reins to Dick Costolo, who […]

Churchill and Drucker: Alive and Well in the Twitterverse

Winston Churchill‘s estate recently announced that the former British Prime Minster has joined Peter Drucker and millions of other tweeters on Twitter. Drucker Institute executive director Rick Wartzman‘s latest column for Bloomberg Businessweek launches off from that announcement to explore the link between Winston Churchill’s leadership style and Peter Drucker’s rules for being an effective executive.