Drucker Playbook for the Public Sector

The Drucker Playbook for the Public Sector arms government workers with tools for individual, team and organizational effectiveness. To learn more and to sign up for the Drucker Playbook, click here.

Based on a model of leadership as a marriage of Vision, Management, Performance and Character, the Playbook’s seven modules share practical, Drucker-based lessons that participants implement in their agencies, as well as for their own professional development.

Using a custom online Learning Management System, Drucker Playbook participants move at their own pace through a series of recorded training sessions. The Playbook modules consist of a blend of presentations by Drucker Institute trainers, animated case studies, excerpted and adapted Drucker texts, engaging activities, and original audio and video recordings of the late Peter Drucker himself. Though designed for individuals, the Playbook comes with fully scripted group-leader discussion guides for teams that want to follow through on the Playbook’s insights and tools. Drucker Institute staff members are available for direct support to help Drucker Playbook participants move quickly from ideas to action to results.

As with our other core programs, the Playbook rests on our YESTERDAY/TODAY/MONDAY* foundation. “Yesterday” refers to the fact that all of our work is grounded in Peter Drucker’s timeless wisdom. “Today” speaks to the urgency that we know organizational leaders feel to successfully meet their greatest challenges and opportunities. And “Monday” points to our proven ability to help people move quickly from ideas to action to results, just as Drucker urged his own consulting clients: “Don’t tell me you had a wonderful meeting with me. Tell me what you’re going to do on Monday that’s different.”

Along the way, Playbook participants benefit from another of our strengths: our work with organizations across all sectors. This scope allows us to glean—and share—insights not only from a wide range of government agencies but from corporations and nonprofits, as well.

The Drucker Institute conducted a two-stage pilot of the Drucker Playbook, first delivering 12 monthly, live, in-person training sessions in South Bend, Indiana, and then, in conjunction with the National League of Cities, a year of remote, live workshops over the Internet with city managers and supervisors in Louisville, Kentucky, and Memphis, Tennessee. The Drucker Institute has partnered with CPS HR Consulting to conduct surveys and interviews with Drucker Playbook participants to measure the Playbook’s long-term impact and results in making public sector individuals and agencies more effective.

To learn more about opportunities for you and your agency, please contact Lawrence Greenspun, senior manager of public sector engagement, at [email protected] or 909.607.8755.