Our Mission

Our Mission: Strengthening organizations to strengthen society.
What We Provide: Timeless wisdom, tailored for today. Tools to do the right things well—and to stop doing everything else. The spark to move from ideas to action—to results.

Our History

In May 2006, more than 100 leading Drucker-like thinkers and practitioners gathered in Claremont, Calif., to help answer one question: What is Peter Drucker’s legacy? Their answer was that Drucker’s legacy amounts to much more than memories of the man or even his writing. Drucker’s legacy, they said, is a collection of ideas and ideals that should be acted upon by future generations of leaders across all sectors of society.

Our Team

Rick Wartzman, Executive Director; Zachary First, Senior Managing Director; Joseph A. Maciariello, Academic and Research Director; T.A. Frank, Blogger; Peter Gandolfo; Business Development Director; Lawrence Greenspun, Senior Program Manager; Jamie Jones, Senior Program Manager; Bridget Lawlor, Archivist; Laura Roach, Director of Strategic Partnerships; Phalana Tiller, Senior Program Manager.

Our Board of Advisors

Curt Pullen, Chairman. In his position at Herman Miller, Mr. Pullen leads a $1.2 billion business unit that serves as the company’s flagship. In 2010, Herman Miller—which Peter Drucker served as a consultant over two decades, beginning in the 1970s—was one of only six corporations to rank in Fortune‘s “100 Best Companies to Work For,” Fortune‘s “Most Admired” and Fast Company‘s “Fast 50″ Most Innovative.

Our Partners and Supporters

The individuals and organizations who help make our work possible.